Email Marketing

Retain and Grow your customers through email marketing

Email marketing is one of the least expensive ways to create a good relationship with your audience. The number of email users is above 4 billion.

We help you create and automate your mailing roadmap along with the email content right from the awareness stage, followed by engagement, then conversion and building a loyal audience.

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Why Email Marketing?

For every one rupee spent on email marketing, the average return generated is Rs. 30. Moreover, email marketing is one of the best ways of keeping in touch with existing audiences and increasing a loyal customer base by giving valuable content.

Why us?

We design engaging content

SEO is one of our core expertise, and we keep a keen focus on each SEO element while developing a website. A website not built SEO friendly is a website built to fail.

Create Value for audience

Email marketing works best when you share value with your audience. and we design the email content to give value to your audience and increase engagement.

Effective use of CRM

It is often pointless to send the same email to all your email audience. Emailing has to go through a proper framework in as much personalized form as possible, and we are great at doing that.

Cost Effective

Nothing is more important than having a better return on a penny spent, and we keep that in mind in all our campaigns. We get maximum conversions at the lowest possible cost to serve high ROI to our clients.